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Footwear Technologist


Looking at the current trends in people’s spending on lifestyle and related products, the prospects for footwear industry look very bright. Footwear technology is emerging as a sought after career for many motivated young people.

Footwear manufacturing requires sophisticated machinery and technically skilled professionals who must be competent to handle all the processes related to shoe-making. There are course available at Diploma, Degree and Post Graduation level that train an individual to become footwear technologists.
Footwear technologists work mainly in a shoe-factory or related organizations. They specialize in design, production management, industrial engineering, quality control, or in general and executive management. They learn all the aspects of footwear production and are involved in factory production situation using a variety of complex raw materials, either natural, or synthetic, or both. They also work with technologically advanced machinery, electronics and computer systems used in the manufacturing process. After completion of course they may work in industry or choose to start their own factories, specializing, for example, in sports footwear

Courses & Eligibility

(1.) Bachelor of Design (Leather Design) Certificate course in Footwear Design and production, Shoe designing and Pattern Cutting
(2.) Computer aided shoe designing
(3.) Diploma in Footwear design and production, diploma in Footwear technology
(4.) Post Graduate Diploma in Footwear technology
(5.) B Tech Leather Technology (Only for science students)
Students from all streams are eligible for the courses but B Tech is open only for science students and admission is through entrance exam.
For admission to B Tech one has to sit in all India entrance JEE Main and reputed footwear technology institutes conduct their own entrance exam.

Top Colleges

FDDI is one of the best institutes for footwear technology. It is widely recognized as a centre of excellence. The institute conducts wide range of professional programmes in the area of Retail Management, Footwear Design, Technology, Management, Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, Creative Designing & CAD/CAM and Leather Goods & Accessories Design etc. The long-term programmes are of two to three years duration. All programmes offered by the institute meet the international standards.
Some other institutes of repute are :
(1.) HBTI Kanpur offers B Tech Leather Technology
(2.) Govt. College of engineering and Leather Technology, Kolkata offers B Tech Footwear Technology
(3.) The Footwear Design and Development Institute, Noida and Chennai, offers PG Diploma in Management - in footwear technology (PGDM-FT) and other related courses
(4.) Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai offers CAD course for footwear design
(5.) AVI school of fashion and shoe technology, Chandigarh
(6.) Govt Leather Institute Agra

Pay and Remuneration

Footwear technicians earn around 2.5 to 3 lakhs a year but Managers and Senior Designers get aound 10 lakhs a year.

Career Prospects

One can easily find employment in various shoe factories and Since establishment costs for a small factory are reasonable, one can start your own business after getting the necessary qualifications.

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