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Fitness Trainer


This is probably the best time to think about a career in Fitness, with people becoming more aware about fitness and the cost of not remaining fit very high (In terms of health care costs). People of every age are interested in becoming fit and there is no dearth of people hoping to achieve some objective like loosing/ Gaining weight, etc. No wonder we can see fitness centers in every neighborhood.

What do Fitness Trainers do?
Fitness Trainers are professionals in the field of fitness and exercise. They work towards overall health and well being. They instruct their clients use, Yoga, aerobics and other techniques to help achieve specific health and fitness objectives. They help in achieving specific goals like, weight loss, weight gain, achieving a specific look. These professionals first assess the body type and other fitness factors for the clients, and then through various exercises help them improve these components.
Since fitness trainers have to assess the clients level of physical fitness they should know a lot about human body, its anatomy etc. They have to demonstrate various exercise routines and help clients improve their technique. They also keep records of their clients’ exercise sessions to analyse their progress and physical fitness.
Personal trainers work with clients on a one-on-one basis with celebrities and others who like privacy while they work out — either at a gym or at the client’s home. The workout is specially tailored to suit the client’s specific health and fitness requirements. Aerobics instructors conduct group workout sessions that involve aerobics, stretching and muscle conditioning exercises. You could even conduct these classes in a gym or at your own studio.

For achieving the desired levels of fitness diet plays and equally important role. Fitness expert need to know a lot about food, diets and nutrition.
Various new techniques keep coming so the trainers have to keep training themselves and keep their knowledge updated. Many trainers use a mix of aerobics other physical activities, Yoga and naturopathy.

Courses & Eligibility

Doing any specific certification or Diploma is not mandatory but highly desirable. Since many people are entering this profession one needs to differentiate by being a more credible trainer and education goes a long way in establishing that. A very good understanding of diet, nutrition, human anatomy and fitness related matters is needed. While many colleges provide course for physical education at Graduate, Post Graduate and higher levels. Private organisations provide diploma and certificates in Fitness training.

Top Colleges

Intitutes and Colleges for fitness trainers:
(1.) Nike Aerobics Course
(2.) Reebok Instructor Certification programme
(3.) Sports Authority of India
(4.) Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram
(5.) Department of Physical Education & Sports Science (University of Delhi)
(6.) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, New Delhi
(7.) HVPM, Amravati
(8.) Symbiosis Department of Health Sciences, Pune
(9.) Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior
(10.) SAI, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala
(11.) SAI, NS Eastern Centre, Salt Lake City, Kolkata
(12.) SAI, NS South Centre, University Campus, Bangalore
(13.) The Growth for Fitness Instructors (GFFI) Fitness training Institute, Mumbai and Delhi
(14.) Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) (affiliated to University of Delhi), Vikaspuri, New Delhi
(15.) Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Kariavattom

Pay and Remuneration

One gets a low salary as a trainer in local gym but with experience and good clientele one can establish one’s own centre and make a lot of money. The salary of a beginner fitness trainer in a gym is around 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per year. Famous trainers also work as personal trainers and make hoge money per client.

Career Prospects

Employment Opportunities for Fitness Trainers
Professional fitness trainers are hired by fitness centres, hotels, health clubs, big corporate, resorts etc. After gaining experience one can start one’s own fitness centre and there are options to specialize in a particular field, for example: Yoga specialist at a Spa etc. Fitness is one of the fastest growing industries and employment outlook is very bright

Famous Personalities

Fitness expert Gerald Zarcilla who is known for training Aamir Khan in martial arts and gymnastics
Fitness Trainer D’Souza who is personal trainer to Salman Khan.

A Day In Life

The days usually begin early as many people wish to start their days with fitness training. Begin with the first batch and demonstrate the exercises for the day. And continue with the next batches. Some time is also spent in keeping the records and discussing the progress on the fitness goals and discussing diets and nutritional plans. Afternoons are spent either resting or in business development and evenings get busy with fresh batches for work outs.

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