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Instrumentation Engineer


This branch of engineering deals with designing, installing, managing equipments that are used to monitor and control machines in a production or manufacturing area.
Instrumentation engineers are responsible for integrating the sensors with the recorders, transmitters, displays or control systems. They are responsible for designing, testing and maintenance of control systems.
This branch actually stems from electrical and electronic engineering. It is a multi disciplinary stream and covers many subjects like electrical, chemical, electronics, computer engineering etc. Instrumentation engineers basically fix snags in devices or systems attached to big machinery. Instrumentation engineers work in power plants, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, steel industry, drug manufacturing, and hardware companies.
Instruments are used to measure many parameters like pressure, temperature, level, flow, density, voltage, frequency, current weight, etc. Automobile industry and aircrafts use complex instruments and the simplest example of an instrumentation system one can see in a mechanical thermostat installed at homes.

Courses & Eligibility

Science students with Physics, chemistry and Mathematics at class 12th level are eligible for the 4 year B Tech program in instrumentation engineering.

Top Colleges

Where to study Industrial Engineering
(1.) IIT Kharagpur is the topmost college that offers industrial engineering at B Tech level.
(2.) IIT Delhi offers B Tech in Production and Industrial Engineering.
(3.) M N NIT, Allahabad offers B Tech Production and Industrial Engineering.
(4.) DTU, Delhi offers B Tech Production and Industrial Engineering
(5.) Thapar University, Patiala offers B Tech Industrial Engineering.
(6.) NIT Kurushetra offer B Tech industrial engineering and management.

Job Prospects

All manufacturing processes and industry use instruments for maintenance and control of machines and thus there is huge potential for instrumentation engineers. Everything is moving towards automation and automation is the core job of instrumentation engineers.
Instrumentation engineers also have scope in aeronautical, avionics and space science sector. And can fit in both hardware and software sector.
Biggest employers are petroleum, automation and manufacturing sector and generally the students easily get placed.

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