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Mining Engineer


"Where there is cinnabar above, yellow gold will be found below. Where there is lodestone above, copper and gold be found below. Where there is calamine above, lead, tin, and red copper will be found below. Where there is hematite above, iron will be found below. Thus it can be seen that mountains are full of riches."

What do Mining Engineers do?
Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with extraction and processing of minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining and Mineral extraction is essential to modern society. Mining activities by their nature cause a disturbance of the environment in and around which the minerals are located. Mining engineers are therefore concerned not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities, but also with the mitigation of damage to the environment as a result of that production and processing. Mining engineers are consulted for virtually every stage of a mining operation. Mining engineers working in an established mine either work as an engineer for operations improvement, further mineral exploration, and operation capitalization by determining where in the mine to add equipment and personnel. The engineer may also work in supervision and management, or as an equipment and mineral salesperson. In addition to engineering and operations, the mining engineer may work as an environmental, health and safety manager or design engineer.

Courses & Eligibility

(1.) Bachelor of Engineering (BE) / Bachelor of Technology (BTech): The eligibility is class 12th with physics, chemistry and maths as the main subjects and Entrance Exam
(2.) Masters in Engineering (ME) or Masters in Technology (M.Tech): Eligibility is BE, B Tech and entrance - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. The marks scored in this exam are valid in most colleges
(3.) For those who wish to study further, a Ph.D. in Engineering can be pursued

Entrance Exam:

(1.) JEE MAIN 2013 Exam - Joint Engineering Entrance Exam (2013): for NITs, IIITs, DTU, Delhi and other centrally funded institutions (CFTIs)
(2.) Kerala Engineering Entrance Exam - KEAM 2013
(3.) Karnataka Engineering Entrance Exam - Karnataka CET
(4.) Maharashtra Engineering Entrance Exam - MHT-CET
(5.) West Bengal Engineering Entrance Exam - WBJEE
(6.) Uttar Pradesh Engineering Entrance Exam - UPTU SEE

Course Fee

The 4 years course in Engineering from an IIT will cost about Rs.2 Lakhs. There are a number of scholarships, fee waivers and loans available for those who are unable to fund the education. Apart from this, in most colleges the students can earn a small amount while working on a research project with the professors in their college and this can also help funding the course. The fee in other private colleges is more, ranging from about Rs.40,000 per year to about Rs.70,000 per year.

Top Colleges

(1.) Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad - B.Tech. Mining Engineering, Mineral Engineering, Mining Machinery, Petroleum Engineering, Open Cast & Surface
(2.) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - B.Tech., M.Sc. and M.Tech. in Mine Planning & Mechanisation
(3.) Bengal Engineering College, PO Botanical Garden, Howrah - B.E. Metallurgy
(4.) Vinobha Bhave University Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri PO, Sindri Institute, Dhanbad - B.Tech., M.Tech.
(5.) Regional Engineering College, Rourkela - B.E. (Engg.) Mining
(6.) Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Technology, Varanasi - B.Tech., in Coal Mining, Metal Liferons Mining and Mine Planning
(7.) College of Technology & Engineering, Udaipur - B.E. (Mining)
(8.) Orissa School of Mining, Keonjhar - B.E. (Mining)
(9.) Pt. Ravishanker University, Govt. Engineering College, Raipur - B.E. (Mining)
(10.) Guru Ghasidas University, Govt. Engineering College, Bilaspur - B.E. (Mining)

Pay and Remuneration

Entry-level salaries range from about Rs 1.3 lakh to Rs 3.15 lakh per annum. Pay hikes depend on your performance and any additional skills you acquire.

Career Prospects

Job opportunities exist with government departments and public sector undertakings. Limited opportunities are available with private sector mining companies and teaching and research offer good options.

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