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Sound Engineer / Audio Engineer


Sound/ Audio engineers are technical and creative people. They are the ones responsible for making sure that everything sounds right whether in a film or in a live performance.

What do sound engineers / audio engineers do?
sound / audio engineers use the principles of physics and recording technology. they make use of various equipments and capture sound, do recordings and editing and mixing of sounds. They are involved during the production and also in post production processes. They are responsible for setting up the equipment-microphones, instruments, amplifiers and speakers -on and around the place from where the sound capturing has to take place. When they are working in auditoriums or halls or open spaces they decide the placement of devices and equipments according to the size and shape of the venue and audience. Once the set up of microphones and other equipments is done, the sound engineer work with electronic equipment in a sound booth. They use mixers and equalizers to perfect the sound output. If its a live performance they are needed at the time of performance. They work with the electronic equipment and continue to make sure the sound is right and that the instruments are at the appropriate volume. The electronic equipments that audio/ sound engineers use are very sensitive and can record slightest variation. Electronic mixing board has many controls to work on the sound input. After the recording, many more processes and softwares are used to work on the sounds and get the desired output. Often, terms such as 'audio engineers', 'recording engineers' and 'sound engineers' are used synchronously but sound engineers are involved in making machines for the audio engineers.

Courses & Eligibility

Sound and audio engineering is one field where people who are vocationally trained have also excelled well and are not really qualified sound engineers. They work as equipment technicians and recording technicians and editing specialists. These jobs do not require qualifications in sound engineering. Vocational course of one or two years in Audiography, Sound recording, Audio engineering, Sound engineering can be pursued to enter this line. People with background in electrical engineering also enter this filed. The FTII course is one of the most sought after courses in sound and audio engineering.

Top Colleges

(1.) The Film & Television Institute of India, in Pune and Chennai, offers the most highly sought-after sound engineering programmes
Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design (Duration: 3 years)
Course: Post graduate Certificate in Sound Recording and TV Engineering (Duration: 1 year)
(2.) Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata
(3.) Whistling Woods Digital Academy, Mumbai
(4.) Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
(5.) Mumbai University
(6.) IIT Kharagpur
(7.) R.K. Films & Media Academy, 8A/8, W.E.A., Karol Bagh, New Delhi; Tel.: 011-65394944
Course: Professional Sound Studio Audio Training Center Duration: 3 months
(8.) Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication, New Mehrauli Road, Adchini, New Delhi; Tel.: 011-26561986
Course: Principles of Sound Duration: 3 semesters
(9.) SAE College, Jayalakshmi Estates, 29/8, Haddows Road, Chennai; Tel.: 044-28214045
Course: Diploma in Recording Arts Duration: 18 months
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film Making and Recording Arts Duration: 3 years
(10.) A.D.M.E.C., New Delhi (Delhi) Pocket B-6/83, Sector-7, Rohini, New Delhi (Delhi)
(11.) Amadeus Media Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) New No :30, Old No :17, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross Street, CIT Nagar East, Chennai (Chennai Dist.)
(12.) Biju Patnaik Film And Television Institute, Cuttack (Orissa) BOSE Campus, Medical Road, Cuttack (Cuttack Dist.)
(13.) Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) Gour Nagar, Sagar (Sagar Dist.)
(14.) Institute of New Media Development and Research, Pune (Maharashtra) Prabhat Road, Lane 5, Pune (Pune Dist.)
(15.) Keltron Advanced Training Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) 1st Floor, Syrian Church Road, Keltron IT Education, Spencer Jn, Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvananthapuram Dist.)

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